QUESEC Kai Bikes Latest BMW X6 Series, 3 Spoke Foldable/Folding MTB 21 Speed Gear Cycle for Men with Dual Disc Brake 16 Inches Steel Frame Cycle Yong and Adult Bicycle

Seller: Drita RC
Category : Cycle

  • STEP UP YOUR GAME - This sleek, high-performance bicycle is perfect for conquering city streets and cruising to your destination. With a carbon steel frame and dual hydraulic suspension, this bike is durable and easy to handle. The Shimano gears provide a smooth ride while the alloy rims keep you light on your feet.
  • DUAL DISC BREAKS - Both the front and rear brakes are disc brakes, giving you a high level of stopping power and control, especially when compared to traditional V-brakes.
  • DUAL HYDRAULIC SUSPENSION - The dual hydraulic suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride on even the roughest of surfaces. The shocks are adjustable, so you can adapt the bike to your own riding style and preferences.

Price : $89.00
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Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204