Lock It, List it, Leave it to Nymbull.

Nymbull’s mission is to provide safety, security, and sanity to local selling. Our vision is a world that enables anytime, instant shopping and buying anywhere, with no buyer/seller interaction required.

Designed for the Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy, Nymbull is an integrated technology platform using a proprietary Locking-Device designed to be integrated and linked with an interactive website and online marketplace hosted at www.nymbull.com. This integrated system facilitates the on-location transactional exchange between buyers and sellers of goods.

To buy, you just find the item you are looking for and follow the link to the items Nymbull page. Place a free 2-hour hold on the item and get the location information emailed to you, so you can go check it out right away. If you like the item, you can pay for it, unlock it with the instantly supplied access code, and be on your way.

To sell, you buy a Nymbull lock and subscription, lock up your item and post on Nymbull, using links on any of your favorite selling sites, like Facebook, Craigslist, etc. Sell as much as you want, and pay only our low subscription price.

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